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Disc Golf at Caulfield Commons

Disc Golf at Caulfield Commons

Caulfield Commons has a fun new attraction thanks to the team at Melbourne Disc Golf.

A new four-hole course has been installed at the course and is free and open for everyone to try. The course is largely designed for beginners but also features several more challenging holes and configurations for more advanced players.

Disc golf is closely related to ball golf, including the major elements of ball golf, with the only primary difference being you throw a frisbee-like disc in place of hitting a ball.

Just like ball golf, there is a fixed starting place – the ‘tee’ for each hole and somewhere to finish – the disc must land in a metal ‘basket’.  The intention of course, is to get from tee to basket in as few throws as possible. Holes may vary in length from 40m to over 300m with pars between 3 and 5 depending on length and other difficulties.

The Caulfield Commons course is located to the south of the public carpark, on the inside of the racecourse, and about a five minute walk from Caulfield Station. Players can warm up at the practice tee near the public barbecues, wetlands and shelter area.

With several courses popping up across Melbourne, Disc Golf has become an increasingly popular sport and a great way to exercise and socialise at the same time.

Melbourne Disc Golf hosted their first come try day in conjunction with the Community Market on Sunday 3 March. Stay tuned for more updates and come down and give it a try!

For more information on Melbourne Disc Golf, the course or to purchase discs, visit https://www.melbournediscgolf.com/caulfield-racecourse/